We know that homelessness and the lack of affordable housing itself is the cause of death for many people who are homeless. People who are homeless also die much younger than the general housed population. Homeless deaths are a crisis and the issue needs to be addressed. Some of us may be intimidated by politics and policy, and we may not know about the issues in our cities. We know that people care about these issues  and want to be a part of changing the political response. Here are some ways in which some of us have found useful to help our communities and to prevent homeless deaths.

  1. Join a Local Group/Volunteer – find out which groups in your city are helping in the fight against poverty and homelessness.
    Here is a short list of resources below.Toronto
    Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)
    Toronto Drop-in Network
  2. Donate – After the homeless memorial, there is a luncheon for the community. You can mail in or drop off grocery gift certificates. The Mailing Address is:
    10 Trinity Square
    Toronto, Ontario
    Be sure to write that you would like your grocery gift cards to go towards the memorial lunch.
  3. Petitions – either start one yourself, or search for other people who have put one together.Here is an example of a petition started by Street Nurse Cathy Crowe asking for more funding for shelters and warming centres
  4. Contacting Politicians – if you wish to write a letter, but don’t know who to contact, here are the links to find out who your local municipal, provincial and federal politicians are:
    • To find out who your municipal council list is, click here
    • To find out who your provincial MPP is, click here
  1. Spread the Word – if you read any information in academia or in the media, share it with your friends and family. This can be done via blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites. Get the conversation started!

Thank you for your interest and time. By working together, we can end homelessness.

If you have any questions, please email us here: torontohmn(at)gmail.com

Upcoming Events

June.12th – Homeless Memorial at Church of the Holy Trinity. 12pm. Free lunch.

July.10th – Homeless Memorial at Church of the Holy Trinity. 12pm. Free lunch.

Aug.14th – Homeless Memorial at Church of the Holy Trinity. 12pm. Free lunch.

Sept.10th – Homeless Memorial at Church of the Holy Trinity. 12pm. Free lunch.

Oct.9th – Homeless Memorial at Church of the Holy Trinity. 12pm. Free lunch.



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